April – May 2024

Show news:

Some fabulous successes! 

* Sows in Italy – San Marino:
Garex sisters Kazi and Jiřinka are doing very well winning multiple (Junior)CAC & (Junior)BOB!

* IDS Litoměřice.
What a joy to show our 10 months old boy Sonny (Krasoň Garex). Terrier specialist Milena Maršálová awarded him with Ex1, J-CAC, J-CACIB, Best of Juniors.
In the mainring Sonny showed like a pro and was selected as one of four best juniors of the terrier group 🤩

* Clubshow Cesky Terrier Club CZ, Telč, 43 entries.
Another great weekend for Garex team 😊
Four boys from our kennel were entered and they maked me happy and proud as breeder!
Kajetán Garex, owner Sabina Strnadelová, lovely presented by only 9 years old Anastázie Strnadelová, in junior class Ex1, Jun CAC, Junior Clubwinner ❤️
Jeník Garex, owner Lukáš Menda Ex2 in working class 💪
Jiřík Garex, owner Cissi Holmgren, intermedia class Ex1, CAC, Clubwinner and Best Opposite Sex 🏆
Our own Krasoň Garex Ex2 in juniorclass and finally chosen as second best Cesky terrier by Jitka Paulínová in František Horák memorial.


* World dog show 2024.

How will I remember this show?
Fun, fun, FUN! And great results 🥰
Having fun with very international group of people sharing the same passion, celebrating our (less or more) successfull day and our friendship 😊
Our Cesky terriers did both extremely well, judged by Mr. Branislav Rajic:
Krasoň Garex aka Sonny, just 9 months young, Junior World Winner
Ilonka Garex aka Lonny World Winner and Best of Breed 🥇🏆

February – March 2024

Show news:

Not many shows we have attended, but many successes! 

* NDS Brno, 6 CT entered under judge Mr. Frnčo.
Our Berthie (JCh Off the Blue Hunter Gijsbertha, daughter of our Gijs, bred in the Netherlands by Hennie Meijer) completed her Czech championship in style 🤩
Ex1, CAC, National Winner, Best of Breed and in the mainring Best of Group 2 🏆

 Sonny (Krasoň Garex) was showing like a pro, last time in the puppy class, awarder with VP1 and BOB puppy.


* Clubshow Terrier Club CZ.

JCh, JCW, JEW Off the Blue Hunter Gijsbertha Ex1, CAC, CC, Best of Breed and selected as one of six best terriers in the group competition.


* Lovely time with terrier friends in Bologna, Italy, Bologna & Regio Emilia Winner shows.
Very first show for our 7 months old boy Sonny, supervised by his mum Lonny 🥰
Krasoň Garex 2x VP1, BOB puppy and Saturday selected in Best in Show puppy competition as one of six best ♥️
Ch. Ilonka Garex 2x Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.


Winter 2024

Show news:

Great start of the new show season!

Duo CACIB show Brno, perfect organized by ČMKU.

What a pleasure to show my dog (only Sunday) under two terrier specialists Klára Požár (breed) and Hildeward Hoenderken (group).
Berthie aka Off the Blue Hunter Gijsbertha, only 20 months old, Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and finally 4th Best of Group!


Autumn 2023


Puppy news:

Busy but happy time raising our puppies!
The quintet has developed very well and in the meantime they all have a great new home. 

August 2023


Show news:

A great success for the Garex-team at WDS Genève  🥰
Interra Show (11 CT entered):
Jiřík Garex Ex1, Junior CAC, Best Junior
Jiřinka Garex Ex2, Junior Res.CAC
World dog show (22 CT entered):
Jiřík Garex Ex1, Junior CAC, Best Junior, BEST OF BREED
Jiřinka Garex Ex2, Junior Res.CAC

July 2023


Puppy news:

Welcome our “French Connection” litter 🥰
Born July 15th, 3 males and 2 females, K-litter Garex, sired by Ch. Made in France des Hauteurs de la Sole.
Tired but proud mum Ch. Ilonka Garex.

May 2023


Show news:

Long journey to Denmark where two of our Cesky terriers were entered for the European dog show and DTK European Clubwinner show. Both perfect organized shows 👍

Just want to say: proud, happy, thankful 😊
EDS, 11 CT entered, judge Inga Siil
Off the Blue Hunter Gijsbertha (Garex Gijs x Off the Blue Hunter Betsy, breeder Hennie Meijer): Ex1, CQ2, European Junior Winner, Best of Breed junior
Ilonka Garex (Garex Gijs x Nartoun Reca Dagmara): Ex1, CQ1, European Winner, Best of Breed and new Danish champion
DTK European Clubwinner show, 9 CT entered, judge Jennifer Kealy
Off the Blue Hunter Gijsbertha: Ex1, CQ2, Junior European Clubwinner, Best of Breed junior and selected for BIS junior by Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki
Ilonka Garex: Ex1, CQ1, European Clubwinner, Best of Breed
Don’t forget the results of another Garex-team member:
Ivánek Garex (Garex Gijs x Nartoun Reca Dagmara, owner Sandra Nika Wendolowska): Ex1, CQ1, European Clubwinner, BOS and new Danish champion. EDS was not his day …

May 2023


Show news:

What a day in Telč, Czech Republic, THE place to be as a passionated Cesky terrier breeder 😊
Clubshow of the parent club, 48 entries, judged by Mrs. Olga Hrabáková.
The Garex team did so well, winning Best in Show puppy (Jeník Garex, owned, loved, presented by Lukáš Menda), Best in Show junior (Off the Blue Hunter Gijsbertha, daughter of Gijs, breeder Hennie Meijer), Best in Show veteran (Garex Gijs). Our Lonny (Garex Ilonka) winner of the honourclass females.

April 2023


Show news:

Our little Berthie rocks!
IHA České Budějovice: Off the Blue Hunter Gijsbertha aka Berthie Ex1, CAJC, CACIB-J, Best of Juniors and in the mainring selected as one of the three best young terriers.
Berthie completed here also the Czech Junior Champion title.

April 2023


Show news:

Always exciting to start young dog ‚s show career!
Pleased with Berthie her progress in the show ring, in only three shows, 10 months young.
NDS Brno, 6 CT entered under Mr. Petr Rehánek, Off the Blue Hunter Gijsbertha : Ex1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB and in the mainring BIG Junior & 5th BIG 🏆 Good girl!
Berthie her sidekick Lonny (Ch. Ilonka Garex) was entered „only“ in the honourclass. After her maternity break she is not in shape yet, but enough to be shortlisted in the mainring in all breed competition of the honourclass winners.

March 2023


Show news:

Our girls were presented at the clubshow of the Terrier Club of Czech Republic (KCHT) in České Budějovice.
11 Cesky Terriers entered, judged by Mrs. Petra Márová.
With this rather high number of entries I didn ´t expect much, showing one girl aged just over 9 months and another only 5 months after she gave birth to a large litter ….
But the girls rocked!
Off the Blue Hunter Gijsbertha aka Berthie Ex1, CAJC, Best of Juniors and finally Best of Breed!
Ilonka Garex aka Lonny Ex1, CAC and completed Czech champion title. 
We enjoyed our holiday in the UK, showed our AT Victor (Ch. Lamborghini of the Aire Victory) at Crufts. In the strong openclass he was not selected, but did very well his best in the ring.

January 2023


Show news:

Our Lonny is shining in the show ring again! Only 3,5 months after she gave birth to six puppies …
January 8th, IDS Genk, Belgium Ilonka Garex CAC, CACIB, BOB and shortlisted as one of six best terriers in the group.
And also completed her international championship.

Other news:

Another health check for our Airedale Terrier Victor. ECVO – free of hereditary eye diseases.


Pages liters H, I and J updated, also added individual pages of puppies from this litters.

December 2022


After a long, long time, our website is back online!

A lot has happened in recent years, countless shows we have visited (some with greatest successes), some litters have been born,
there are new members of our pack…

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