Garex Dobromila „Míla“

Míla is born on Juni 21st 2008, her mother was Divoska of Cesky Dreams, her father was our Nijs. She lived a long, healthy life,  always strong minded,  outgoing and confident.

Because of personal reasons Míla was not shown as much as my other dogs, but she did a great job in the show ring too, especially as a veteran.

Her first litter was born in September 2010, the second one in June 2012 and the third in June 2014.

We said goodbye to Míla a week before her 15th birthday, sad but grateful for such a long life with us. 

Nartoun Reca Dagmara „Maartje“

Because of the great working capacity and balanced temperament of the line of Gijs his sire, I decided to import another female from Slovakia.
Thank you to the breeder Dušan Kucharic for the litter pick!
Maartje, the daughter of Uff Laraff and Nartoun Reca Alba is a small dragon, but in the same time very friendly to people and other dogs, exactly the temperament that I expected from this combination!

Prior her maternity show stop, she won the European Winner title, aged 24 months. Another great success in the show ring is Best of Breed Crufts 2020 and Best in Show terrier specialty in 2021.

February 2019 Maartje her first litter (sired by our Gijs) was born: the H-litter Garex, one year later her second litter, sired also by Gijs

Maartje is now enjoying her well-deserved retirement, pampered and loved by family Böhm.


Garex Cecílie „Cilly“

Cilly was born as singleton in the third Xi-Xa’s litter on August 3rd 2003. She was the daughter of the famous German dog Zeus of Bumble-Bee Castle.

Cilly was shown from the spring of 2004, she did a great job in the show ring: At the age of 27 months and 2 days (while 27 months is the limit) she get her Dutch Champion title, in 2007 she won Best Bitch at the Crufts and she is my first homebred Czech Champion.

In the obedience ring Cilly did a good job too. We did two tests with very good results, but more fun we had in agility! She took part in official Dutch agility competitions and earned the B class.

Garex Alzbeta „Bjetta“

From the first litter of Xi-Xa I kept one female – Bjetta. She was born on March 24th 2001 and her sire was dog imported from Finnland Cantabile Puccini.

In 2002 Bjetta started her great show career. She won her Junior title at the World Show in Amsterdam and later she became my first homebred champion!

As one of few Cesky’s ever she won the terrier group on a international all breed show. More than two years long, shown 15 times in 7 countries, she was always at least best bitch and mostly also Best of Breed.

Beside it she was trained for obedience and (with great fun!) for agility. She earned two obedience certificates, took part in official Dutch agility competitions as first Cesky ever and reached the B class (A2 in other countries).

She was a show beauty, talented sport dog, but at first very devoted pet and truly friend of my.

Bjetta died over 13 years old, most of that time in excellent health.

For me a dog to love forever!

Anýz Tabat Taky „Nijs“

Nijs was born on April 25th 2007. His parents were (our) Garex Borivoj and Chudobka Tabat.

Nijs started his show career end of 2007, the highlights were the titles Amsterdam Winner 2008 and Wordlwinner 2009 and also the titles Best of National Breeds and Best in Group from the international show in Prague in November 2009.

Besides the shows he is trained for obedience and agility.

Nijs was the sire of our „D-litter“ and other three litters in Czechia and Netherlands.

Since autumn of 2012 Nijs lived by family Liekens in Belgium.

Dee Monib

The first Cesky terrier in our kennels was Dee Monib.

She was born in the Monib kennel owned by Marián Klbik and Olda Šimoník.

Her parents were the famous stud dog Ben Prásek and Multi Champion & World Champion 1994 Berta Monib.

Dee had a very successful show career. Because of her attitude, good movement and beautiful silvergrey coat she was always an eye-catcher in the showring. In the obedience ring Dee did a good job too. We did two tests with very good results (96 – 97 points when you could get 100 max.)

For various reasons I decided not to use Dee in my breeding program.

More than thirteen years we enjoyed her company and it was sad to see her decline of old age. Finally we put her in sleep on the age of 13 years and 7 months. We are thankful for the great 13 years with her!

Divoška of Cesky Dreams „Douška“ 

Divoška ( Douška at home) was born on November 28th 2006 in Germany by Michael Weser, her parents were Zeus of Bumble-Bee Castle and Dáma Kvítko.

She was living with and loved by our friends Berit & Jan. Thanks to Berit and Jan I bred one litter from Douska, she was the dam of the „D-litter“ in the Garex kennels, born on Juni 21st 2008.

Douska was a typical Cesky – very devoted to her people and a bit self-willed.

She was shown only once, but with a great result: Junior Winster Amsterdam 2007. She died almost 15 years old.

Pendragon’s Oh-La-La „Japonka“

No dog, but even dear to us…

More than 8 years was Japonka living together with us and our Cesky’s,

having a very special place between all our pets.


Beautiful cat and a great personality,

that was our Cornish Rex Japonka.

Xi-Xa Kvítko

Our second Cesky Terrier was Xi-Xa.

She was born on April 13th 1999. Her breeder is Jitka Paulínová, the daughter of the „author“ of our breed Mr Horák.

Xi-Xa’s show career started when she was only 5 months old. Xi-Xa did well at shows, she earned seven championships, but she didn’t like showing very much.

Besides the shows we did some obedience classes which she passed with good results.

In the spring of 2001 Xi-Xa had her first litter. She was a wonderful mother and loved to take care of her babies. Her second litter is born in the summer of 2002, the third in the summer of 2003. In 2004 moves Xi-Xa to the Czech „Monib z Vinohrad“ kennel to help Marian and Olin to build up their breeding program. In Juni 2004 she became there here last litter.

Xi-Xa had a long, happy life by Marian and Olin, she died when she was almost 14 years old.

Ciza z Ro-Da-Gu

My second Black Russian Terrier was Ciza, born on May 10th 1989 and a half sister to Barbara.

In many points Ciza was better than the other one, but she never enjoyed the shows very much and also her bit reserved character was the reason her show career was less glorious.

Nevertheless Ciza got the titles Czech and Austrian Champion and was Best of Breed several times at International shows.

From necessity I have lost Ciza when I moved to Prague in 1992.

Barbara z Ro-Da-Gu

In 1988 another breed came into our home, the Black Russian Terrier.

I got two half-sisters from the first kennel in the Czech Republic (breeder Rostislav Guziur).

The older one, Barbara, was born on August 2nd 1988 and in a short time she turned out to be great showdog.

With her friendly character and great show attitude she was, despite she was rather small, a striking star in the ring.

With Barbara I got one of my most important results so far WORLD CHAMPION AND BEST OF BREED at the Worldshow in 1990.

Unfortunately she died (after a simple surgery) when she was still young, so we had no chance to finish any championship.

Ayrin vom Tailleur

My second Briard Ayrin was a daughter of Alex.

She was born on October 23rd 1986 in the former East Germany in the kennel of breeders Gottfried and Birgit Pester.

Even as her father Ayrin had a lovely character and was very devoted to me.

She was also very well balanced and more suitable as a showdog.

Ayrin was my first dog to win a Champion title and besides that she did two working tests.

In November 1990 I bred my first litter from Ayrin under the kennel name Garex.

Unfortunately end of 1992 my life with Briards came to a dramatic end.

Ayrin has been, together with her very promising son, stolen from my garden in Prague…

Still painful, but even now Briards are very close to my heart.

Alex Blan-Kyr

My first dog with a pedigree was a Briard male. Alex was born on October 8th 1981 by the Czech breeder and vet Miss Miholová.

There was a great connection between Alex and me, we were a perfect team.

With him I did working training. We did several tests on National (SChH) and International (IPO) level.

Alex was a truly working dog, but also in the show ring he did a good job with the best result a CAC at the international show in Brno.

My friend Alex died at the end of 1987.