About me

On this part of my website you can find some information about me and my kennel.

My name is Gabriela (Gabi) van Ruiten Hajnová, I was born in the mid-sixties in the former Czechoslovakia.
I’m a physician and I have been involved with my hobby – dogs for  45 years.

My husband Harry, me and our animals live at our estate in Smederov, Czechia. 

My first dog was a Slovensky cuvac without a pedigree but with a pretty name, REX. I was twelve years old and he was six and we were about the same weight…..
With him I took the first steps into the world of dogs, that is why my kennel name is GAREX.

In 1981 I got my first dog with a pedigree: a Briard male. With him I did working training. We did several tests on National (SChH) and International (IPO) level. From then on I started to attend more dogshows either as an exhibitoror as a steward.


 With puppies in 1990

Some years later I got my second Briard, a daughter of my first male. This bitch was more suitable as a showdog. She was my first dog to win a Champion title and besides that she did two working tests. In November 1990 I bred my first litter from this bitch useing the kennel name Garex. One of her offspring became a Champion  and the other’s did well in obedience etc. Unfortunately in 1992 my life with Briards came to a dramatic end – both my dogs were stolen. Because of this 11years of work as breeder was wasted. Restarting breeding was impossible for me, but even now Briards are still very close to my heart.


During my time with Briards, another breed came into our home, the Black Russian Terrier (1988). I got two half-sisters from the first kennel in the Czech Republic, these turned out to be great showdogs. Because they were so promising I found myself going to more and more shows with them. With the oldest I got one of my most important results so far WORLD CHAMPION AND BEST OF BREED at the Worldshow in 1990. The younger bitch got the titles Czech and Austrian Champion and was Best of Breed several times at International shows.
Unfortunately the oldest died when she was still young and I lost the younger bitch from necessity in 1992. The good thing is that I did breed both bitches once and their offspring were used by other breeders in their breeding programs.

I had my first shortlegged terrier in 1989 a Scottish Terrier bitch.
I went to several dog shows with her, but without any results worth mentioning.
I enjoyed living with her, she was always happy, and I loved the 13 healthy puppies she had in her two litters.
She died when she was 14 years old.


In the showring

From the beginning of the nineties I really wanted a Cesky terrier.
After a long wait, in 1995 Dee Monib came to our home. Since then the Cesky terrier is the only breed I breed.
In 2019, our terrier pack got an expansion with a big boy – an Airedale terrier,
a breed which was in my grandparents family for years

Sport, breeding, judging

All my dogs, except the Scottie, were or are on the training for obedinece and/or for agility or hunting.

As breeder my aim is to breed healthy, sound dogs, with good temperaments and movement, dogs that are not only good in the show ring or make superb pets but can compete in several sporting activities or be used for hunting.
To select strict the brood bitch, to search careful for the stud dog and only breed a litter if I expect the best quality, that is the way I’m working as breeder.

In 2001 I started in The Netherlands show judge education.
In September 2005 I became a FCI judge.

Now I am a group judge for the FCI group III – all terrier breeds.

In the UK I’m on A1 judging list for Cesky Terriers
– I’m approved by the Kennel Club to award CC ‚s in our breed.

In 2015 is my registration as FCI-judge moved to Czech Republic.
See the website FCI judges directory for more information.

Judging Dutch Dog of the Year