Grooming of te Cesky Terrier

There are many ways to groom the Cesky.
On the following pages I want to share with you the way I’m grooming my own dogs.

On this picture, you can see schematic how to clip the Cesky:

On the shaded area the coat is 1-1,5 cm long, other areas are clipped very short.
Long hair is on the head, the limbs, chest and belly.

Below, you can see all the tools I use:

pin brush, small oval model

groomers comb with rotating teeth

metal comb with teeth in a combination of fine and coarse

14 cm straight shear

16,5 cm single thinning shear

14 cm double thinning shear

small clipper with fixed, fine blade

clipper with exchangeable blade (1,6 and 7 mm)