of the Aire Victory


Airedale terrier male 



Berthie Spronck-Serra, NL


Peter Spronck, NL


Czech Champion
Slovenia Champion

World Winner & BOS WDS 2021

Supreme Best in Show Baltic Terrier show 2022


HD A, ED free
ECVO – free of hereditary eye diseases




Sunset of the Aire Victory



Gingerdream All Eyes On Me
Stirling Tunes Of Glory
Ginger Poezja Rucha
Giambattista of the Aire Victory
Evermay’s High Performance
Kiara of the Aire Victory


Est Etiam Awe Maria


Est Etiam Nomen Gloriosum
Joval-Arily Grand Illusion
Wiwat-Victoria von der Schwarzen Kuhle
Est Etiam Harmonia
Rus Kornels Seriezny Sopernik

Sterling Nan Fidji